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* DEMO version of the ATC-PC-DIALER-4 program can be downloaded or sent via mail.

First of all, it should be noted that the size of the download file for the ATC-PC-DIALER-4 DEMO program is approximately 9MB. It comes in the form of a 7.5MB ZIP file, which can take as much as 25 to 55 minutes to download depending on the speed of your modem connection. Don't let this scare you! I repeat, Don't let this scare you! In fact. for those with DSL, Cable modems or ISDN Lines, the process can be a short as 3 minutes. It is really a very simple process. Once you receive the ZIP file and Un-Zip it with any Zip utility, it will create a directory for you on your computer called ATCDIALERSETUP. By the way when asked where you want to save this file, please choose your Root Directory or the C:/ drive. Then you will go to that directory in Windows Explorer. First double click on the "ATCRead Me" file which will be opened up in WordPad. At this point you can either print it out for future reference, or just keep it minimized, to look at when you need to. It is this Readme file that has a Step by Step Tutorial as well as instructions for running the DEMO version of the ATC-PC-DIALER-4 program.

The NEXT STEP is to setup the files necessary to run the Demo program. Again, while in the ATCDIALERSETUP directory in Explorer, just double click on the "SETUP.EXE" file. This will run a setup program that will create the main Directory called ATCDIALER, and install all the proper files in the right locations to operate our program. Many of these files are the necessary .dll or driver type files. Some will be installed in your Windows/System directory. Some in other locations.
NOT TO WORRY! At anytime after running the Demo version of the ATC-PC-DIALER-4 program, you can "Uninstall" the entire program along with these extra files. For serious interested prospective clients, this can be a valuable tool for making a decision to purchase the ATC-PC-DIALER-4 program or any other Telephony based application, so please, don't be unduly concerned about the effort it might take to request a DEMO version and download it. It is well worth the effort!

The NEXT STEP is to fill out the DEMO DOWNLOAD REQUEST FORM! This is a absolute requirement for receiving an http address for Downloading, OR receiving a DEMO Install CD Rom disk in the mail.

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  • Please give us your FIRST and LAST NAME, as well as your ADDRESS and CONTACT information! ALL fields MUST be filled in!
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  • Select how you would like to receive your DEMO version of the ATC-PC-DIALER-4 program!
    BY http address for direct downloading
    BY MAIL on a CD-ROM
  • Comments:   Please feel free to tell us about your business, and ask any questions you might have.

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Got a Question right NOW? See the bottom of this page !


We can send you out a CD-ROM by Snail Mail if you prefer, however we will also respond to you via E-mail.  Included in the E-mail shall be a special Website address where you can Download the DEMO ATC-PC-DIALER-4 program directly. You MUST however fill out the Request Form completely!

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